Formally our Fall Fest Java and only seasonal. The demand for this amazing bag of deliciousness was so much, we renamed it and serve it year around. This medium roast Columbian has a lot going on but pulls it off like a boss. Vanilla, Caramel, Butter Rum, Sweet Pecans and a touch of Cinnamon. Sinfully smooth with ultra clean finish.

Jukin Jabbin Java

    1. Whole Bean = Obviously you have your own grinder. :)
    2. Fine = Finer than table salt or granulated sugar but not yet a powder.(ie..Expresso, Moka Pot, Pour Over).
    3. Medium = Texture of beach sand  (Home Coffee Makers, HomeDrip).
    4. Medium-Coarse = Coarser than Sand but not as bulky as Kosher salt. (ie..Commercial Drip, Chemex)
    5. Coarse = Distinct large bulky grounds of coffee - like heavy grained kosher salt. (ie..French Press)