Welcome my decaf people!! You are the purest of coffee drinkers for you enjoy coffee for the flavor and not for the caffiene. SO.. We made a wonderfully delicious Columbian decaf that is rich, well-rounded body, low acidity, sweet coffee notes with a clean finish. BOOM.. Your Welcome!!


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    1. Whole Bean = Obviously you have your own grinder. :)
    2. Fine = Finer than table salt or granulated sugar but not yet a powder.(ie..Expresso, Moka Pot, Pour Over).
    3. Medium = Texture of beach sand  (Home Coffee Makers, HomeDrip).
    4. Medium-Coarse = Coarser than Sand but not as bulky as Kosher salt. (ie..Commercial Drip, Chemex)
    5. Coarse = Distinct large bulky grounds of coffee - like heavy grained kosher salt. (ie..French Press)